Exotic Pet Vet in Carlisle

Exotic pet vet in Carlisle, Cumbria

Exotic Pets

At Coomara we welcome a range of companion animals, including:

  • Rabbits
  • Guinea pigs
  • Ferrets
  • Small furries like hamsters
  • Backyard poultry
  • We will provide basic veterinary care for cage and aviary birds and reptiles

Rabbits may benefit from our Coomara Care preventative healthcare plan:

£7.10 per month for 12 months, and includes:

  • Two full health checks per year
  • Annual Myxomatosis vaccination
  • Annual Viral Haemorrhagic Disease vaccination (to include both strains RHD1 and RHD2)
  • Annual flystrike protection with Rearguard
    (See our Rabbit information sheet to learn more about these diseases)
  • Plus benefit from unlimited free of charge nurse consultations and savings on selected products and services (including neutering, dental work and out of hours consultation fees)

Coomara’s Consultation Promise

At every consultation we will perform a “head to toe” examination of your pet.  And we will keep caring for your pet beyond their first visit…in most cases you will be asked to return for a subsequent consultation.  We believe it is vital to ensure that our patient is better before discharging them from our care.  These consultations are charged for.  You will receive another thorough examination – we will ensure the original condition has resolved, and check for any other issues.  This is also an opportunity for your to discuss any other concerns you may have, and your pet’s long term care.


Chertsey House has been recently developed to be a state of the art, modern, general practice. It is equipped with separate dog and cat waiting rooms, a dedicated cat consultation room, and separate dog and cat wards. We have facilities for digital x-ray, ultrasound scanning, dental suite, in house lab testing, Endoscopy and Bronchoscopy, Class IV laser therapy and a dedicated operating theatre available 24/7.

Our branch site has availability for small animal consultations between 10am and 3pm, and is home to our farm animal dispensary.

Out of Hours Emergencies

We cover our own out of hours service - your animal will always be seen by one of Coomara's vets out of hours.  If hospitalised, your pet will never have to be moved to other premises for overnight care.  You will not have to travel to a practice further away or in an unfamiliar location.

Consultations taken outside normal working hours are charged higher than those during the daytime, making allowance for the additional costs that employing vets and nurses for antisocial hours.  This additional fee applies between 7pm - 8am.

Hospitalised patients are not monitored continuously unless their clinical condition requires it - patients that do not require continuous monitoring are checked at regular intervals throughout the night by our duty vet and/or nurse.  The frequency of the checks is decided by the veterinary surgeon in charge of the case.

Mobile Homecare Service

We offer home visits (with a nurse) to examine your animal.  A fee is charged according to your distance from the practice, and normal consultation fee applies.


Fees are carefully constructed on the basis of the skill, expertise and time required, and of course the cost of equipment used. Fees also make allowance for the general running costs of running the veterinary practice.

We operate a PAYMENT AT TIME policy and accept all major credit cards, BACs and cash.

We strongly advise that our clients take out insurance for their pets to help cover unexpected bills. Our nursing and client care team are able to assist you in navigating insurance claim paperwork.

Got a question about our exotic pet veterinary care?

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