Pet Health Plan

Coomara Care - Pet Health Plan

You love your pet, and the joy they bring you - the companionship...

You want your pet to remain healthy for many reasons, and that companionship is just one of them.

But pets are different from you and I...

They can't tell you when they're feeling sick, and sometimes you can't see there's anything wrong either.

That's why, even more than you, they need regular check-ups. Early detection of any potential problems could save you facing any unnecessary worry or stress, and of course the additional costs that might accompany later treatment.

Money is not as important as health and happiness, but by joining our Coomara Care Plan you will make great savings on the annua cost of your pet's vaccinations, flea and working treatments, plus many other benefits that will help keep them in tip-top condition.

How do I join?

Joining is easy, just click this link to sign up today:

It takes no more than a minute or two, and you’ll have the peace of mind that comes with knowing your pet receives the very best in preventative healthcare, with easy monthly payments available by Direct Debit. Alternatively, don’t hesitate to contact our wonderful client care team who will be glad to assist you.

How much does it cost?

Cat (any size): £13.00 per month

Cat (any size): £13.00 per month

Saving up to £61.84 per year
Small Dog (up to 10kg): £14.00 per month

Small Dog (up to 10kg): £14.00 per month

Saving up to £50.14 per year
Medium dog (10-20kg): £15.00 per month

Medium dog (10-20kg): £15.00 per month

Saving up to £53.54 per year
Large dog (20-40kg): £17.70 per month

Large dog (20-40kg): £17.70 per month

Saving up to £74.66 per year
XL dog (40-60kg): £20.50 per month

XL dog (40-60kg): £20.50 per month

Saving up to £59.22 per year
Giant dog (>60kg): £26.25 per month

Giant dog (>60kg): £26.25 per month

Saving up to £159.34 per year
Rabbits (any size): £7.10 per month

Rabbits (any size): £7.10 per month

Saving up to £23.59 per year


As our pets get older, they can be more prone to certain health issues for which early diagnosis can improve prognosis. Our Senior Plan screens for common problems allowing earlier intervention.

For an additional £6.00 per month for dogs and £7.50 per month for cats, benefit from all the listed products and services in the standard Coomara Care Plan, plus:

  • Annual blood test - for cats and dogs
  • Annual urine test - for cats and dogs
  • Annual blood pressure test - cats only
  • 10% off selected prescription medications for some chronic OAP diseases*
  • 25% off Loxicom (15ml, 100ml, 2x100ml)
  • 10% off prescription check-ups
  • 10% off Laser Therapy & Acupuncture

* 10% discount applies specifically to treatments for cardiac disease, thyroid function, management of continence, renal disease, diabetes and cognitive function.

What's the difference between the Coomara Care Plan and Pet Insurance?

And why you need both:

The Coomara Care Plan focuses on preventative health care and has been carefully designed to help your pet have a healthy, happy life.

Pet insurance, on the other hand, provides financial cover for unforeseen illness and accidents - although it is important to note that the level of cover provided by different insurers/policies can vary enormously.

In crude terms, if you were to compare responsible pet ownership with owning a well-maintained car, the Coomara Care Plan is similar to regular servicing, and checking oil and tyre pressures.

Pet insurance covers unexpected events, similar to a car insurance policy.

Unlike car insurance, however, 90% of pet insurance claims are for illness as opposed to an accident*. Data also shows that you are more likely to claim on your pet insurance than your car or household insurance**.

As a Coomara Care Plan member, your pet will be regularly examined by one of our vets or nurses.

This maximises the oportunities for early diagnosis and treatment of conditions which might affect your pet's health and gives the best chance of a positive outcome.

This is why we strongly recommend that responsible pet owners combine Coomara Care Plan membership with a pet insurance policy.

* Mintel's Insurance Report 2013.

** From Allianz internal data.

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