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Herd Health

Herd health plans have the potential to be more than documents that are only dusted off and reviewed annually in response to Farm Assurance visits! 

Every farm is different, and every farm owner and manager will have a different set of aims and objectives.  At Coomara we aim to work with you to help you achieve these aims, planning to maximise health and productivity rather than fire-fighting issues as they arise.

Routine reproductive health visits

Regular visits from your vet (anything from fortnightly depending on your herd) for

  • Pregnancy diagnosis and ageing – from 4 weeks old using portable scanning equipment
  • Investigation of fertility problems:
    • Repeat breeders
    • Cows not seen bulling
    • Post-natal checks
  • An opportunity to check on general herd health and discuss any other concerns, e.g. calf and youngstock management, body condition scoring, dry cow management

Herd and Flock Health Monitoring and Planning

Whatever your production system herd or flock health planning is a crucial tool to maximise health and production of your animals.  Our vets work with you as much or as little as you prefer to help in the monitoring, measuring and review of your health plans.

Johne’s Disease

Charlotte and Harry are Accredited Advisors for the National Johne’s Management Plan.  We can undertake full annual risk assessments on your farm, and produce an annual Action Plan bespoke to your farm based on this.  More information can be found on the Action Johne’s Website www.actionjohnesuk.org

Infectious Disease Plans

Our vets will discuss your farm’s risk level for common diseases of concern, e.g. BVD, IBR, Leptospirosis and Johne’s, and plan the best frequency and form of monitoring for your farm in order to optimise control.

Medicine Reviews

Our vets can help you to review and plan protocols for your medicine use, a hot topic nowadays with the concerns surrounding antibiotic resistance and the scrutiny put upon use of medicines in animals. 

These protocols can not only satisfy criteria set by milk buyers and Farm Assurance, but also allow you to be more efficient with your medicine budget.  We can also provide Milksure training programmes. 

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