Veterinary Consultations in Carlisle

Veterinary Consultations

We offer consultations with our Vets throughout much of the day.

At weekends, public holidays and at night we will see emergency cases at the surgery or at home (depending on the situation).  These consultations are charged at a higher fee.  We provide our own in house out of hours service, so you will always be seen by a Coomara Vet in familiar surroundings.

Appointments offered are 15 minutes long (most practices offer 10 minutes) allowing ample time in most cases for a full physical examination, basic diagnostics and discussion of our plan. 

Should you wish to see a certain Vet just ask - we make every attempt to accommodate this – we feel it is important for you to see the Vet who knows your pet best, especially with ongoing conditions.  In the case of emergency out of hours appointments your chosen Vet may not be on call, but they have access to all your notes.

In nearly all cases we will arrange a subsequent consultation to check on your pet’s progress and discuss ongoing care if required;

Our Consultation Promise:

At every consultation we will perform a “head to toe” examination of your pet.  And we will keep caring for your pet beyond their first visit…in most cases you will be asked to return for a subsequent consultation.  We believe it is vital to ensure that our patient is better before discharging them from our care.  These consultations are charged for.  You will receive another thorough examination – we will ensure the original condition has resolved, and check for any other issues.  This is also an opportunity for you to discuss any other concerns you may have, and your pet’s long term care.

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